Community Based Solution

People are concerned about the climate, toxicity, economic issues and other major modern challenges.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or frustrated because solutions are not always clear or easy to find.
It’s also easy to feel alone, to whatever degree, in addressing these problems.

So what is the solution? How can we address all of these things at once?

Whole systems solutions

We feel that the best solutions are community based, holistic and regenerative. Regenerative design goes beyond sustainability to actively heal the damage done to the earth, to us, and to communities. An example of this would be a food forest that helps humans eat healthier food and also heals nature.

Regenerative solutions can be applied to any sector of society, any challenge.

So what are the major barriers to getting these solutions implemented? This is what we propose to address.

We did a survey amongst our colleagues and friends working in this area or striving to live more regeneratively and one thing that consistently came up was a frustration at simply being able to find the resources, whether it’s a certain type of plant or a specific skill or service, regenerative goods, some funding for a project, or something else.

Some of the most effective solutions are not well known and are hard to find.

We are excited about all the regenerative solutions that exist in Florida (and elsewhere), with new ones showing up regularly, but we also understand how hard it is to find them sometimes. Many of them are small, local businesses that are struggling to become more well known. They are competing against companies with much bigger advertising budgets.

Others are small non-profits that are doing great work but again, are struggling to become better known in their communities. Or professionals who would like to provide more regenerative services - but how to connect up to people looking for those services?

There is no one service that provides this for businesses, farms, non-profits, services, goods, agencies, etc.

What if we put all of these solutions in one place?

What if you could quickly find local farms, organic compost, local seeds and edible plants, renewable energy resources, green building resources, environmentally friendly goods and services, local green jobs and more?

We understand some of these may be listed elsewhere - we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We intend to promote all of those listings as well.

But again, no one is listing every regenerative solution, together in one place.

The directory will show resources for:
• Food
• Water solutions
• Ecosystem restoration
• Built environment
• Energy
• Education
• Finance and funding
• Intentional communities
• Community projects
• Government resources

Our goal is to design for collaboration, not competition and to focus on providing the missing links that make everybody stronger. Collaboration is key!

This type of venture is ordinarily done for profit, but we felt that a non-profit model would encourage more and deeper collaboration and create more trust, and building community and trust is more important to us than profit. We also want to answer to our communities, not stockholders or investors
We intend to be a one stop hub for regenerative living. If it's needed, we will provide it.

Initially it will include the following (based on a survey of what is needed):

• A directory of regenerative resources.
• Calendar of regenerative events in Florida.
• Knowledge base of regenerative solutions specifically curated for Florida’s unique environment and circumstances.
• Networking tools and events (in partnership with other groups already doing this).
• Regenerative job links (in partnership).
• Deepened community relationships and feedback loops that enable us to respond to genuine community needs, not just our “think” about it.

This will extend to other states outside Florida as we get more organized.

Why Us

We are a group of ecological designers, systems thinkers and regenerative practitioners who feel that this organization would provide resources that would be useful to all of us who are striving to be greener and more regenerative in our lives (see bios page).

We’ve been personally gathering these resources ourselves over the years in order to do our jobs better, and we also have strong networks across Florida with other regenerative practitioners and organizations.

Why do we want to do this?

We are concerned about climate change, about ecological degradation, social and environmental injustices, and other issues that impact all or most of us. We know that many others are very concerned about these issues as well, and this number is growing, but the scale of cooperation, education, knowledge and access to resources is not yet sufficient to fully address these situations. Too many of us are out there trying to figure it out on our own! We would like to eliminate the need for every person trying to live more regeneratively having to replicate this same research via their own google searches, which often don’t reveal these small but mighty businesses and solutions.

We also very much believe in the power of community and intend to continue to explore ways in which this hub can support local communities to become stronger and more resilient, together.

There are so many ways a resource hub can help us all reduce that learning curve.

Our world is rapidly changing in many ways - how can we help each other keep up?

How you can help!

Your tax deductible investment into is essential to enabling us to expand our offerings deeply and rapidly.

We are striving to raise $30,000 initially to pay for completion of the design and implementation of the application, upgrade of the website, marketing and initial launch. This is dirt cheap for the amount of work involved but we're scrappy, and using regenerative approaches to getting this done.

Through the years, we have gotten immense feedback about the need to provide the connections to missing resources, and have experienced the need for these ourselves. The response to this project has been overwhelmingly positive and we feel it will only become more so as it evolves based on feedback from our users. We need to make it easier for all of us to connect and live more regeneratively.

Our model will become self-supporting through offerings of value to the community. But we need funding to launch this and boost it to the point where it has real value.

Help us help you! Your funds will go far and be used very effectively. Our costs are extremely low and your donations are tax deductible. Invest in a bright future!

Please give generously!

You will receive a receipt from us for your tax deductible donation.

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and appreciated! Even $1 adds up if enough people do it, and we make every dollar count - so please don’t hesitate to donate any amount!

• Donate up to a $100 and help us to take our next step and list your name with a Thank You!
• Donations of $100 or more will receive listing as a Friends of We Regenerate.
• Donations of $250 will receive Friends of We Regenerate listing with your company logo.
• Donations of $500 or more will receive Founding Contributor status.
• Donations of $1,000 or more will receive Founding Sponsor status.
• Donations of $5,000 or more receive Founding Benefactor status.
  (Your listing will reflect your highest status. Higher statuses will be created as needed.)

To join our mailing list and receive further updates, launch date and webinar announcements, enter your email here.

If you would like to contribute as a volunteer or communicate to us in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please understand, as a young, mostly volunteer organization, we may be slow to respond at times, but will respond to all.


We have begun to put together a formidable and diverse list of Board of Advisor members who will continue to help guide us to ensure we’re providing what is needed, and we are working with several organizations to enhance what each of us is doing.

We are continuing to seek sponsors, Board of Advisor members, and other partners and relationships to increase our capacity and ensure this service is maximally useful. We are open to any and all beneficial connections and relationships. If you’re interested and you feel there is beneficial connection potential, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Join us with your donation and help make this happen!
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