Calendar Submission Help

Events are grouped by category with tags for additional selectivity. You will specify the date and time which can have repeating dates, venue and the organizer. Submit a picture to attract more attention and to stand out. It can be a virtual (online) event. If you have a series of events on some subject they can be flagged as part of that series.

Categories are the primary groups which includes Courses, Celebrations, Gatherings, etc. which may have a sub category such as PDC, day course, and so on. Then you use tags to give it an additional description which can include tags such as Tampa Bay, free, etc. Just let us know and we will add new categories and tags as you need it. (For now we will retain the control of categories and tags to try to keep them coherent.) You are free to add new venues and organizers.

Once you have an account with us you can then submit a request to be added to submitting events to the calendar. Your login will get you access to adding new events, listing your past and coming events. If you look at the calendar you will notice the ability to select a view from a multitude of options.

When you request the ability to submit events we will process it and give you an acknowledgement over email as soon as it is available. At that point you can add events, which will start out as drafts until you file it for review for us to publish. You will be able to publish directly once we have established a relationship. (You may notice that we are trying to ensure spammers are kept out.)

An additional service is planned to provide the ability to book and sell tickets.
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