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We are a specialized listing service and are focused on businesses and organizations whose focus is to heal the earth or operate in the most sustainable and regenerative way possible.

We are taking applications for listings. If you’d like to be considered, please fill out the Vendor Registration (after creating an account and using the Vendor Registration link). Your feedback on how we can make this service most valuable to you is important to us, and there is space to provide it at the end of the application. The listing is free.

Please see our article on What is Regeneration for more information on the type of goods and services that we list.

Below are a few examples of the types of companies and organizations we are listing. These are only samples, and not a comprehensive list.

• Organic, permaculture, or regenerative farms, ranches, urban farms
• Local healthy (chem free, regen ag, etc) food outlets (farm stands, U-pick, restaurants focused on local food, etc)
• Local healthy food distributors
• Community gardens
• Edible landscaping
• Regenerative/restorative agriculture consulting
• Organic or regenerative gardening resources (seeds, soil, best tools, etc)

• Water filtration
• Water testing
• Watershed management
• Greywater systems
• Rainwater catchment

Built environment
• Green builders
• Green building materials
• Green architects and designers

• Solar
• Wind
• Biogas
• Geothermal heating and cooling
• E-bikes

• Environmental services
• Sustainability coordinators
• Green consultants
• Permaculture designers
• Land trust attorneys
• Realtors specializing in small farms/green homes/permaculture properties
• “Green” banks, local credit unions
• Ethical investors
Environmental, regenerative design, or permaculture education

Nonprofits focused on
• Climate change
• Environmental issues

• Green goods
• Repurposed or recycled goods
• Used goods
• “Green” tools


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